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Sucking Vibrator

Secret Goddess

The Secret Goddess Power Thruster sucking vibrator features endless combinations of delicious sensations! The external arm envelopes the clitoris and provides intense waves of air pulsation. The self-warming, insertable shaft heats up for an indulgent experience, while the gentle ridges enhance G-spot connectivity.

Sucking Vibrator

The Sensual Vibe

The focus of the Sensual Vibe - Sucking Vibrator is on your hungry-for-action G-spot as it promises a trip to the orgasmic world. Made from silicone, It can give your sweet spot a true pleasure-focused massage, and that too while remaining gentle on your skin!

Sucking & Licking Vibrator

The Screamer

Indulge in luxurious life-like stimulation with the The Screamer. It's 3 motors to send powerful vibrations, sucking sensations and licking sensations straight to your sweet spots; with a whopping 5 different modes, for mind-blowingly blended bliss.

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The Secret Affaire is all about empowerment and vibing. Our aim is to empower all aspects of your life and sex life. If we're not wrong, pleasure is much more fun when there's another partner in play; so we bring to you the finest and most affordable collection of all.