The secret affair that will blow you away.
Sucking Vibrator
The Sensual Vibe

Multiple suction and vibration modes make this baddie a must have. It comes highly reviewed and boasts nipple correction within 2 months.

Premium Sucking Vibrator
Amour Vibe

Indulge in luxurious life-like stimulation with the Amour Vibe. It's 3 motors to send powerful vibrations, sucking sensations and movements of the telescopic ring straight to your sweet spots; with a whopping 10 different modes, for mind-blowingly blended bliss.

Sucking Vibrator
The Soul SUcker

The Soul Sucker premium sucker vibrator would activate anyone's desires. This baddie comes equipped with a wireless remote control that lets your partners join in on the fun.

2 Unique Styles
Rosette Vibe

Stimulation via penetration feels good. On the other hand, the feeling of someone sucking or licking your clit also feels exhilarating. Join the bandwagon towards back-bending orgasms with the Rosette Vibe.

Pocket Licker
The Slurpy

If you are looking for oral sex in these tough times then slurpy promises stimulation of the vagina and an orgasmic trip through the best oral sex you so much need!

Wand Vibrator Massager
Magic Vibe

360 Bending Vibration gives you those feels and the tail design is great for depth and grip. It's super silent, smooth, and flexible. The magic vibe is as powerful as magical.

All-In-One Vibrator
Trio Vibrator

The Trio Vibrator comes jam packed with three times the excitement, featuring a sucking vibrator, wand massager and with normal vibrating functionality.

Premium Licking Vibrator
The Sensous Vibe

The Sensous Vibe has the carefully crafted function of a tongue licking action and promises a trip to La-La-Land!

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The secret affaire

Take a peak at our exclusive range of all things vibratorish, that gives to a lot of us a pleasure like no other. Our Adult toys make big impact and really hit the spot. The range of vibrators includes wireless vibrators, sucking vibrators, wand massagers and other top secret toys; perfect for clitoral suction, clitoral stimulation or long-distance relationship fun.