Amour Vibe Review

Amour Vibe Review

With  Amour Vibe our aim at The Secret Affaire is to shake across distances and remove physical barriers so that love/connection/excitement/pleasure, whatever you are seeking; has no limit. Your partner can fully participate in any encounter you wish to have on our app.

The Amour Vibe is the perfect choice for both experienced and new users. It's packed with 2 powerful motors and sensitive sensors that make big impact and offer a true pleasure focused experience. The vibe itself comes in 3 different designs that have their own experience and special features.  

The Amour Vibe II offers everything Amour Vibe does but is a total baddie. Apart from the usual, it not only heats up to receive you with warmth and love each time, it also lets your partners take advantage of Action-Reaction. Action-Reaction makes Amour Vibe II vibrate when your partners swing, shake, or create motion with their smartphones. Truth be told, Amour Vibe II sits right at the top if we are talking about a true fulfilling experience.

Rather it be the Amour Vibe or Amour Vibe II, you are in for the time of your life.

Personalities & Specialties

(Please be advised the device in the pictures is Amour Vibe II)

Mr. Devil - Amour Vibe II

Mr. Devil

Don't let the pink appearance of Mr. Devil's sweet, round, gentle and seemingly harmless looks fool you. The devil's horns will penetrate into the mysterious zone, and engage your G-Spot, and bring about an unprecedented experience.The sole focus of Mr. Devil is on the sensitive point A.

Master Godzilla - Amour Vibe II

Master. Godzilla 

The Master Godzilla twists his chubby body to make the dorsal fins turn on the joy switch. Whether it is a click, slide or continuous friction, it will lead to the immersion of infinite possibilities of joy. His specialty is to spark the sensitive point of friction climax.

Dr. Whale - Amour Vibe II

Dr. Whale

The double fan-shaped tail of Dr. Whale provides the perfect grip for vibration stimulation, and trust us when we say that the pleasures of Dr. Whale will lead you to sensations never felt before. As if that wasn't enough Dr. Whale's tail is also perfect for slapping the private area.

With IP067's ultra-high waterproof and dust-proof specifications, you can safely enjoy your exclusive climax melody in the bathroom and water.

The Amour Vibe and Amour Vibe II can be washed under the tap and for more tips on how to care for your partner, please refer to our Maintenance Guide.

For instructions on how to use Amour Vibe please visit how to use.


  • Annoymous

    How far is the range with these? Can a partner be on a different side of the country and the app still work to control the vibrator?

  • Mich

    How far is the range?

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