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It was amazing, suprised my wife and it out her straight to sleep

Totally worth it!!! Very happy with my purchase!!!

Quickest I’ve ever finished with a toy before

Love it!! Worth the wait.

OMG.......but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. Because it was over so fast ❤️❤️ really love this and is longing for next time

WHOA! .... that's the only way to describe this. It's everything I was hoping for and more! Great buy!

You will not give a damn about a man after using this. Period.
Had my clit vibrating on its own for 2 days after using this shit.
11/10 would recommend

Feels insane!! So smooth and perfect size. Also love the pink💫💕

This little masturbator is one of the greatest things to happen to me during quarantine. It's compact, waterproof and the motors are STRONG. The sleeve part can be a little tight, so some lubrication is needed to get your fellow in the toy, but I find that it adds more the experience than anything.

As far as male masterbators go this one is a good choice. The vibration is a nice touch with multiple settings and vibration patterns to cater to whatever sensitivity you are dealing with. The opening is just about the perfect size for those with alittle more girth than others. Super easy to clean and use. The silicone is dense enough to give it that, "shoving it in" tight feeling, but soft enough to really make it feel comfortable for any size guy. The inner rib design is an added bonus to really maximize the "feel-good" feeling. When you take all that into account with the price point, it is definitely a solid choice for anyone with any budget.

No man will ever measure up to this and that’s a FACT.

Loved it, both products were amazing and thanks for the future discount!

I absolutely LOVE IT. This thing right here could make my boyfriend completely useless but they are best friends now. The double movement (up and down and left and right) is just perfect. Love it.

Excellent 👌
I had much fun!!

Pairing this with a strap works wonders to keep it in place. The only downside is when it slips off. Otherwise its an immensely satisfying and orgasm inducing experience.

Works great !!! Wife loves it.

Should be illegal. Too good.

Orgasm in 30 seconds. Best toy ever purchased. Better than any actual sex I’ve ever had

Heavenly 😇
Love it ❤
Don't regret buying it 😁

Once you find your perfect setting. Good luck

I have great orgasms with the secret goddess sucking vibrator!

It's amazing

Love it